Merchant Program Guide

credit card processing merchant program guide

Thank you for selecting us for your payment processing needs. Accepting credit cards and other numerous payment options provides a convenience to your customers, increases your customers’ ability to make purchases at your establishment, and helps speed payment to your account.

This Program Guide presents terms governing the acceptance of Visa,® MasterCard® and Discover® Network Credit Card and Non-PIN Debit Card payments. The Program Guide also includes provisions applicable to American Express® and Other Services. Other Services include all services related to: JCB® Card, PIN Debit Card, and Electronic Benefits Transfer payments, equipment purchase and rental, and acceptance of Cards from other Non-Bank Card Organizations such as Voyager Fleet Systems, Inc. (“Voyager”), Wright Express Corporation and Wright Express Financial Services Corporation (collectively, “WEX”).

Please review this document carefully as, along with your application, the collective documents represent your contract with us.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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