Professional Customer Care

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The Redstone Team has a combined 100 years of industry expertise in merchant account credit card processing.  From Risk to Application Boarding and from Customer Care to Underwriting, RPS has the educated veteran staff to service your merchant account credit card processing needs.  We work hard to ensure your business’ electronic payment systems are available to your consumers so you don’t miss a single sales opportunity.

Redstone Payment Solutions has 24/7 technical support and customer care, 24 hour application approval, and an advanced risk monitoring team. Contact us for details on complete merchant account credit card processing today.

At RPS, we don’t just talk about professional customer care, we live for it and provide it to our merchant customers daily. Our combined expertise has taught our team that word of mouth, trust, and integrity aren’t just words… these are how our business and your business is run day-in and day-out. We strive to ensure that any questions or concerns you may have about your payment processing are answered with the utmost efficiency and with a dedication towards quick resolution.

Don’t let our website speak for us, give us a call toll free and find out more about our specific merchant account credit card processing at and our professional customer care at 855-777-1007.