Clover™ Mini & Mini 3G

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Clover Mini-Mini3g

Clover™ Onboard Security Features that make it Virtually Impossible to use Counterfeit or Fraudulent cards

Easy and Intuitive

Plug, play and reap the benefits right out of the box. The Clover® Mini offers advanced technology that doesn’t get in your way. A touch screen, an intuitive interface and the choice of Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G wireless connectivity makes transactions easy. The Clover Mini is much more than a terminal.

Streamline your Business Processes

With Pro software, Clover® Mini can assist you with every aspect of your business. This modern system can help you streamline your sales procedures, track sales, track inventory and time clock from anywhere with simple to use applications.

Protection you and your Customers can rely on

Clover® Mini comes equipped with the TransArmor® Solution – a dual layer of security that protects you and your customers, while EMV® technology makes it virtually impossible to use counterfeit or fraudulent cards.

Be Ready for Any Type of Payment

Don’t worry about accepting different payment types: Clover® Mini has you covered. It accepts the widest variety of payments in the industry, giving your customers more ways to do business with you – from debit to credit, gift cards to contactless payments like Apple Pay™.

U.S. Based Customer and Technical Support, 24/7 – 365

Includes 100% U.S.- based customer service and technical help desk to assist you 24/7, 365 days a year.