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small banks can offer credit card processing to small business

Small community banks can now offer small business credit card processing and a host of additional merchant processing services to their business-owning bank customers. Use Redstone’s merchant card services and we will help you market them as your own while your bank gains revenues from the credit sales of each merchant.

Redstone Payment Solutions has the products and services merchants need for their market audience. Consumers expect to be able to pay for their product and services with the payment device of their choosing. So, merchants have to be prepared for small business credit card processing as well as heavy corporate activity – Redstone can help.

Redstone’s superior offering of products and services allow merchants to focus on their business. Our mission is to enable merchants to maximize their potential revenue by offering the most diverse, efficient, and technologically advanced payment processing solutions available.

Your merchants may just be opening their doors; needing guidance and dependability regarding small business credit card processing. You may provide mobile credit card processing for a veteran operation. In either case, and for all cases in between, accepting credit card payments and debit card payments are a must for businesses in today’s environment.

Redstone Payment Solutions delivers flexible processing solutions, including small business credit card processing, that enable you to benefit from increased sales. RPS offers credit and debit card processing, as well as check processing services and gift & loyalty card programsContact Redstone today.  We can create a customized program for your bank and the businesses that bank with you.