Fraud Protection Tips

credit card fraud prevention tips

All merchants want fraud protection for their business from their credit card processing company. Know your customers and trust your instincts; but, do not be afraid to follow up with your credit card processing company on your suspicions. Certain customer behavior could point to card fraud, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate criminal activity.

Card Present – Fraud Protection Tips

  1. Purchase a large amount of merchandise without regard to size, style, color, or price
  2. Ask no questions on major purchases
  3. Try to distract or rush you during the sale
  4. Make purchases and leave the store, but then return to make more purchases
  5. Make large purchases just after the store’s opening, or as the store is closing
  6. Refuse free delivery for large items

Card Not Present – Fraud protection Tips

When more than one is true during a card-not-present transaction, fraud might be involved.

  1. First-time shopper
  2. Larger-than-normal orders
  3. Orders that include several of the same item
  4. Orders made up of “big-ticket” items
  5. “Rush” or “overnight” shipping
  6. Shipping to an international address:
  7. Transactions with similar account numbers
  8. Shipping to a single address, but transactions placed on multiple cards
  9. Multiple transactions on one card over a very short period of time
  10. Multiple transactions on one card or a similar card with a single billing address, but multiple shipping addresses
  11. In online transactions, multiple cards used from a single IP
  12. Orders from Internet addresses that make use of free e-mail services

Fraud protection Tips for Protecting the Business at Large

  • Empty the mailbox. Never leave outgoing or incoming mail in pick-up boxes overnight
  • Watch the fax.  Receive sensitive information as soon as it comes in
  • Send sensitive email sparingly. When sending sensitive information via email, encrypt it first—or don’t send it at all; this includes communication with your credit card processing company
  • Make copies carefully. When making copies of sensitive documents, remember to take your originals off the copy machine
  • Use the shredder
  • Leave discrete voicemail messages
  • Protect your onsite ID badges, office keys, and entry codes
  • Identify strangers at the office
  • Be careful with your documents. Lock sensitive materials when you’re away from your desk in the appropriate file cabinets, desk drawers, etc.
  • Avoid sharing any sensitive information over a cell phone,  even with your credit card processing company
  • Contact your credit card processing company if you have any suspicions 

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